Easter weekend is here and spring has sprung at last! Outside the studio, daffodils are waving happily in the breeze and birdies are singing. (My cats are sitting in the windowsill, fascinated with both.)

To celebrate the season I would love to share a set of spring-themed seed packs with you. These sweet, printable envelopes are soooooo easy to assemble and fill with your favorite flower, herb, or vegetable seeds. They’re perfect for tucking into an Easter basket, as environmentally-friendly wedding favors, or (my favorite) as bridal shower gifts. How fun would it be to host a “flower shower” for your bride filled with fragrant springtime blooms, hanging paper pom poms, and edible blossom salads? Send party-goers home with an envelope of the bride’s favorite flower seeds & the love will bloom all season long!

Can’t wait to get started? Just click on each image for the download link. (Keep reading for instructions.)

For this project, you’ll need:

ink jet or laser printer| 8.5×11″ computer paper or card stock | scissors | 12″ ruler (metal is best but plastic or wood will do) | bone folder or butter knife | quick-set glue or double-sided tape

Each template was designed to be ink jet or laser printed on a single sheet of 8.5×11″ paper. If your printer has borderless printing capability, you can print the template full size for a slightly larger pack. If not, that’s okay; just ask your printer to fit the image onto your paper & you’ll have a standard seed envelope.

Either way, these seed packs are generously sized and will easily accommodate larger seeds such as sweet peas or beans.

After your template has printed, let the ink dry for a few minutes and then:

1. Cut on, or slightly inside of the the solid gray line.

2. Line your ruler up against the dotted gray lines, one at a time. Gently score your seed packet along these lines by lining running a bone folder along the length of the ruler. If you don’t have a bone folder, the dull (non-serated) edge of a butter knife works in a pinch. You can also skip ahead to step 3 and fold without scoring if you prefer.

3. With the ink side of the template facing you (looking at the design) fold the left panel back & away from you (unprinted side of left panel to unprinted side of center panel).

4. With the ink side of the template facing you (looking at the design) fold the right “half” panel back & away from you, and over the panel folded in step 3 (unprinted side of right half panel on top of printed side of left panel).

5. With the ink side of the template facing you (looking at the design) fold the bottom flap back & away from you, and over both panels folded in steps 3 and 4 (unprinted side of bottom flap on top of printed sides of both panels).

6. Lightly unfold the folded panels and flap, and apply quick-setting glue to the template’s white boxes. Refold panels and flap in the same order as steps 3 through 5. If you don’t have any quick-setting glue on hand, or if the glue you are using causes the paper to ripple, double-sided tape works great too. Simply apply the tape over the template’s white boxes and press to seal.

Voila! Now you can label and fill your envelopes! If you’re filling the packet with store-bought seeds, simply pour the store seeds into your handmade pack and then tuck the folded store envelope inside with them. Your recipient will appreciate the planting and growing instructions. :-)

Have fun making these and if you have any questions you can ask me in the comments or send me an email. And of course I would love to see your finished products! Pretty pictures are always appreciated. :-)

Have a very happy Easter or Passover weekend!

P.S. These templates & designs are for personal use only. If you’re interested in using these commercially, please contact me for licensing information.