My obsession with opaque white ink has developed into a full-fledged addiction. Look for our calligraphy place cards in the shop oh-so-soon; our 2012 line-up will be unveiled in December!


Tweaking some fun multi-language character support. It’s the final stretch, y’all! Getting sooooo close to release. I’ll be up for air soon, promise.

(And yup, I totally corrected the graphemes’ carons.)


A preview of this summer’s big project…

All of these fonts and more will be available in our shop, alongside our invitations & goodies, at the start of the new year. Plan for hand drawn letters, scripts with soul, artfully messy splatters, borders and dingbats. Oh my!

If you’re a designer and would like a complete set for beta testing, please shoot me an email for more details. If you’re not a designer, don’t fret! I’ll be announcing periodic free beta samples on our Twitter feed, so hop on over & say hi.

This was a weird and wonderful project that sort of took on a life of its own. As we get closer to 2012, I’ll be sharing more about how and why I created the typefaces, including a post about the challenges of creating a connecting script letter set that doesn’t look like it was drawn by Cookie Monster. (Cliff’s Notes: only masochists need apply.) If you have a question or a topic about font-creation that you’d like me to cover, just let me know.

In the meantime, stay tuned next week for another sneak peek, this time into our upcoming 2012 invitation designs! Lots of found vintage materials, rustic vibes, and a punch of retro too…


Have we mentioned how much we love working with Aussie brides? Seriously, from Adelaide to Zanthus, you rock our world. So you can understand how excited we are to see our Printable Seed Favors featured in Wedding Style Guide’s Winter 2011 issue!

magpie paper works printable seed envelopes featured in australian magazine

The Winter 2011 issue hits newstands today and is gor-or-or-or-geous. Australian couples, you know what I’m talking about! It’s chock-full of unique, fresh and hand-crafted inspiration for your wedding. (We’re all over the Garden Grown wedding starting on page 63 – herb boutonnieres? Fig tapenade favors?! We are in love with WSG.)

Go get thee some ideas from the land down under stat – and p.s. there are digital copies available instantly for those of us (ahem, me) who can’t sit on our hands waiting for the post.

p.p.s. Hello and welcome to WSG readers! We’re delighted to meet you!


Lovelies, it doesn’t get better than a Texan ranch full of poppies, folk art, and bohemian panache!

We are so excited to show off the results of our long-distance collaboration with the delightful ladies behind Austin-based Nouveau Romantics & The Nichols. Liz, mad-scientist and creative-genius of Nouveau Romantics, planned + assembled + orchestrated the amazing shoot. (!) Jennifer Nichols, photographer extraordinaire, captured the gorgeous day. We designed the Texas-bohemian inspired invitations + menus. More details (you know you want ’em!) below…but first, a little eye candy:

flower crown bridal bride wedding

There are so many many many more beautiful photos over at Style Me Pretty and The Nichols blog.

A bit about our work: the invitations were hand-illustrated with an original folk-art drawing and printed on a rare paper made from recycled tobacco plant pulp. (It feels just like Texas soil – earthy and warm and slightly gritty.) We wrapped the invites in a creamy textured artist’s paper, which was hand-painted with watercolors in a dappled longhorn motif. Hand-spun nettle twine and a guinea feather wrapped up the rustic package. Can you tell we’re just a wee bit obsessed with making things by hand?!

We had so much fun crafting these lovelies that we designed a couple of ready-to-order variations in our shop.

The menus were set with hand-drawn type and printed on a thick French Paper stock, then rounded to fit each dinner plate. Each menu was personalized with a guest’s name for an extra bit of sweetness and set at their respective place settings. Hooray for a menu & place card in one!

We were so happy to be a part of this shoot and can’t send enough thanks + hugs to everyone involved, especially to Liz and Jennifer. Not only are they fantastic to work with, they’re pretty wonderful people to boot. If you’re looking for an event designer and/or photographer for your wedding, we highly encourage you to say hello to ’em!

My friends, meet the ridiculously talented team behind this inspired affair:

Event Design & Florals – Nouveau Romantics | Photography – The Nichols | Desserts – Bake Sale | Styling – Antiquaria | Decor Rentals – Loot Vintage Rentals and Marquee Events | Venue – Wild Onion Ranch | Dress – Odylyne | Tea Towels – Leah Duncan


Lovelies, it has been a long time since I last posted. Too long! These past three months have been an incredible whirlwind of some of most amazing brides I’ve had to pleasure of working with, creative collaborations that have sparked new designs & friendships, and humongous life changes. Like, Rocky Mountain humongous. Himalayan humongous! This calls for a bullet list.

♥ I quit my day job. Yessiree – as of February 28th I became the full time creative director + press woman + marketing manager + shipping department + bacon flipper that is Magpie Paper Works. Okay, so I’ve actually been doing all of these things in my “spare time” for the last 2 years, but it somehow feels more official to be running this lovely studio without a paycheck from The Man to back things up. Surprisingly, it doesn’t feel scary. That’s probably the vodka talking. (Kidding!)

In all seriousness, I have huge plans for the future of Magpie and of course, a big to-do list that fits neatly alongside… One of my goals this year is to track my progress via blog posts on a semi-regular basis – sort of a Month-in-the-Life series from a freshly-minted biz owner. Hopefully there will be some interesting tidbits for all of you out there who are thinking about pursuing your passions full-time. (My totally unbiased advice: do it!)

♥ When you follow your heart, happiness and inspiration follow. I am insanely grateful to the universe for allowing me the opportunity to swim in this sea. I can’t help but think that some of those thoughts have rippled out into the world because the past four weeks have been filled to the brim with wonderful & creative human beings. Just a few of the things I can’t wait to share with you:

  • a new crop of invitation designs that range from bohemian to gilt
  • fresh tutorials
  • the results of an amazing wedding inspiration shoot with the beyond-talented Nouveau Romantics
  • the reveal of some custom orders I’ve been working on – one of which is the source of the teaser image at the top of this post!

♥ Something old, something new, something borrowed… Magpie Paper Works has been selected as one of Ruffled’s Blue Label Vendors for 2011! Each year the delightful folks at Ruffled handpick an extremely limited number of vendors to join the Blue Label – because of its exclusivity, brides can feel confident that they’re choosing a vetted professional who shares their vision and most importantly, that they can trust. I’m ridiculously excited & honored to be a part of this amazing group of vendors. If you’re a vintage/DIY/boho bride,  head on over & check it out!

♥ Brownie batter is the shizzle. I have discovered a new vice treat. Much to the detriment of my waist line, every day at 2 PM I find myself craving (and making) a single-serving of brownie batter. It’s the perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up & I swear it makes me more creative. Basically, I mix about 1 tsp of water with 4 Tbls of Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Boxed Brownie Mix. YUM. Go try it – you can sue thank me later.

So that’s the round up from these parts... More to come soon!

P.S. Check back tomorrow for the debut post in my new series, Font Friday, where I’ll be featuring my latest & greatest typeface obsessions. Because a girl can never have too many new fonts.


Hello, Lovelies! As you may have noticed, it’s a been a little quiet around here lately. We just wanted to let you know that things will be changing pretty soon – we’re brushing off the blog dust & are so excited to unveil a whole lot of new eye-candy!

As of yesterday, our new shop is live & open for business – we hope you’ll check it out and let us know what you think.

We’ve been redesigning our blog behind the scenes, to coordinate with our new look, and will be unveiling the design within a few weeks. (Can hardly wait!)

We’re also busy adding new items to the shop as well as developing a line of hand-made & hand-sourced ephemera for your wedding & reception decor. More news to come on this front!

So far, 2011 is going gangbusters… And we can’t wait to share all of the backstage fun with you! We’ll be posting lots of new content, designs, and tutorials starting in February. In the meantime, make sure to follow us on Twitter. (Because everyone likes a good tease.)

P.S. Have you been searching for that special whatchamacalit? Dreaming up something spectacular? Let us know what products or services you’d like to see us offer this year in the comments!