Have questions? Feel a little strange purchasing wedding stationery for the first time? It is a-okay – we’ve been there too! Here are all of the questions we asked as brides, and are asked today. If you have a query about a topic not covered here, please email us and we’ll be glad to help.

My bridesmaids are wearing hot pink crinolines. Can you match them?

In a word, yes! We can match any Pantone color swatch or, if that sounds like Greek to you, we’d just need a small physical swatch of the color you adore. Don’t have a swatch? No problem – simply find a matching paint chip at your local home improvement store & send that to us instead. Easy-peasy.

Can I customize one of your designs with my wedding colors?

Absolutely. We’d be delighted to create a custom ink blend for you.

I really like the look of white letters on dark paper. Can you do this?

Usually. Designs printed in-house are created via giclée process; because this method of printing is additive in nature, we cannot produce white ink. Don’t fret! We work with a small and trusted circle of silkscreen & letterpress rockstars, who would be happy to print your white-ink job for a small fee. Please contact us for more details.

Do you offer outer envelopes?

All of our invitation sets include an A7 or #10 envelope. We do offer A7 envelopes for added protection. These envelopes are available only in white. We do not offer outer envelopes for #10 sized envelopes at this time.

Are your designs professionally printed?

Yes. We use professional giclée printers and archival, color-fast inks. Our designs are crisp and richly saturated – we think you will be very pleased with the quality of our printing and materials. Please don’t be afraid to order a sample and see for yourself – we love showing off our work and welcome your feedback!

Can I have my envelopes lined?

But of course! We would be happy to line your envelopes with solid or patterned papers, and can even create custom liners perfectly coordinated to your event.

Can you print names & addresses on my envelopes for me?

We do not offer address printing services at this time. We would be happy to print your return address on your envelopes or coordinating wrap-around envelope labels.

Do you write the wording on these invitations? It’s really different than what I’ve seen elsewhere.

All of our wording is 100% original and written by The Magpie herself. Magpie Paper Works strongly believes it is possible to bring a smile to the faces of both your best friend and your grandmother, and at the same time. It’s the 21st century – your wedding invitations should be as unique as you are!

Do you offer samples?

You bet! You can purchase a single set of any of our invitations from our shop. Choose as many or as few as you are interested in. We feel that being able the select specific set(s) you are interested is much more convenient than receiving a random sample assortment. This way, you can know for sure that your invitations will be absolutely perfect!

Will you personalize my sample with our names and information?

All of our samples are sent un-customized, with placeholder wording. This wording reflects the look of a real wedding, but none of the details exist in “real life”. (You won’t find the bride or groom on the internet.)

When should I purchase my invitations?

As soon as possible – ideally, as soon as you decide your wedding date. Invitations should be ordered at least four months before your wedding to allow guests plenty of time to respond, and to provide your final guest list to your venue/caterer one month before your ceremony. Additionally, calligraphers often require four to six weeks to complete their work; this time should be factored into your stationery schedule. Destination brides should order Save-the-Dates approximately nine to twelve months before their wedding, and should order their invitations at least six months prior to the ceremony so that guests have plenty of time to make travel arrangements.

Uh-oh… It’s T-minus four months and counting…

While we make every effort to complete your order as quickly as possible, in some instances it may be necessary to expedite your order. Our standard rush fee is $375 and guarantees you will be holding your invitations in your hands two-weeks after you approve your final proof. This fee also includes overnight shipping and tracking within the continental United States.

How many invitation sets should I order?

We recommend ordering a few extra sets in case of last minute guest-list additions or hand-addressing ‘oopsies’. For a guest list of 50 – 100, 5 extra sets are usually sufficient. Professional calligraphers often require 10% – 20% extra envelopes; we are happy to add these to your order as a separate line item.

I need 100 items, but when I go to checkout the site tells me you only have 35 in stock. How do I order more?

The majority of our items are hand made and hand sourced by just a few crafty magpies. If you’d like to order a product in a larger quantity than is available in our shop, just email us and we will happily supply you with what you need, behind-the-scenes.

I’ve changed my mind and need to cancel my order.

We will refund 50% of your order total in the event of a cancellation during design or production. Due to the nature of personalized wedding stationery, refunds are not possible after your order has shipped. If something arrives looking different than what you approved, we will happily correct your order at no charge. We want you to love your purchase!

How secure is this store?

This store uses PayPal for payments, and PayPal automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to ours using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available).

How long does it take to receive my invitations?

Much of the timing, prior to production, is dependent upon you. We begin designing your invitation sets when we have received your event details & wording preferences, and it is up to you to provide final proof approval. Final proof approval is required before we can begin production.

Most orders can be designed in approximately two weeks, and for average orders (50 – 100 sets) production takes approximately three to four weeks. Larger and more complex orders may require additional production time, while smaller orders (25 or less) often take less time to produce.

Domestic US Shipping generally takes two to three days, while International shipping is a bit more complicated. If you are an international bride, please contact me for more details.

How will my order be shipped to me?

Sample and ephemera orders (non-custom, non-personalized goods) are shipped via USPS first class mail. Stationery orders ship via USPS Priority Mail – it is fast, trackable, and most importantly, your investment will be treated with TLC. If you prefer another carrier, we are happy to oblige. All orders are securely packed with eco-friendly materials. All of our packing materials are compostable!

Can you recommend a calligrapher?

Based on personal experience, and that of our clients, we highly recommend the work of:

Betsy Dunlap

Emilie Friday

Crystal Kluge

Mara Zepeda

We don’t receive a commission of any kind for referrals to these lovely ladies – very simply, they are the only gals we would trust with our own invitations.

Where are you located?

We are an online-only stationery studio based out of the St. Louis, Missouri metro area. Our central location makes shipping super-speedy to just about everywhere!

What’s with the Magpie?

Magpies adore and collect shiny, interesting objects to take home and admire. That’s pretty much us, and, we suspect, you too!

Can you tell me more about your commitment to eco-friendly design? These days there is a lot of talk, but not a lot of walk, if you know what I mean.

Just like you, Magpie Paper Works adores blue skies, green trees and singing birdies. We hate buzzwords. And we especially hate hypocrisy. Our commitment to treading lightly on the earth is not only a part of our personal lives, it is a natural and integral component of our business. We want to make a difference!

All of our stationery items are made with eco-friendly specialty paper stocks sourced directly from the manufacturer, which greatly reduces harmful exhaust emissions. We maintain relationships with only the most sustainable of mills and suppliers – many of these businesses are powered by hydroelectric or solar energy and most are family-owned. One supplier has been run by 6 generations of the same family! Please note that while we recognize the renewable nature of wind power, we try to avoid it’s use in our supply chain because of concerns about the harmful effects on migrating birds and bats.

We look past the latest “green” trends to source truly unique and environmentally-friendly wedding goodies. These are just a few of the products we are proud to offer:

- recycled paper made from banana stalks; considered agricultural waste by Costa Rican farmers, these stalks would otherwise end up in a landfill

- organic & un-dyed cotton twill ribbons

- re-purposed vintage wooden spools

- tree-free cotton paper manufactured without acid, chlorine, and lignin

- 100% natural & organic dyes, many of which are hand-collected from our family farm (walnut husks, marigold petals, red cabbage leaves, etc.)

- water-based inks completely free of heavy metals, PBDE, and other hazardous materials

Even our shipping is eco-friendly; ALL of your packaging materials are compostable. Yes, not just recyclable, compostable! Items are wrapped in a plant-based, water-resistant film and packed in shredded aspen wood stuffing – this stuffing is created from fast-growing aspen trees carefully harvested by the US Forest Service to prevent wildfires in arid high altitude areas. Aspen stuffing is non-allergenic and provides excellent shock-absorbing protection for your order.

We are always on the lookout for products, techniques, and practices that reduce our impact on the Earth. If you have a tip, a suggestion, or would like to share a new idea, please contact us.