Just about all of this year’s holiday cards have been delivered, so Internet-Friends, it’s high time to share a bit of the sparkle with you.

Texture and simplicity. Pared-back honesty. Warmth. Love.

Hand-lettered, rough kraft envelopes opened up to reveal a simple, hand-painted gold star. Gilding makes everything better.

My digitized calligraphy was printed onto French Paper’s amazing Cordtone stock. This paper is totally unique – it’s surface is something like a cross between burlap and felt. Really tactile. Because trees are precious, the cards were designed flat to cut down on paper waste.

This was definitely a labor of love – lots of hand work went into each card. When I finished, my post mistress couldn’t believe I’d done it by myself! I dropped off quite a stack.

I really loved how the gold popped against the creamy, textured paper. My only ‘meh’ about things this year was the crummy selection of holiday stamps available at the post office. I ended up ordering a set of evergreen stamps online. USPS, are you listening? Next year please put out some holiday stamps that aren’t overtly religious and/or tacky. Bonus points if they involve kraft paper.

Hope everyone enjoyed the cards and is getting ready for your special December holiday! Wishing everyone out there a very merry season and a most delightful new year.

p.s. Sara & Dave are real, darling people which is why the address you see here doesn’t actually exist. Sorry, internet snoops!


    • Jess says

      @ Amy It’s not actually a font. :) I hand-wrote the message on the card, and addressed each envelope by hand. I’m working on several calligraphy fonts, though – they’ll be available for purchase in our shop and on MyFonts.com in the next couple of weeks. Fun fun!

    • Jess says

      Hi Sara!!! So glad you liked the card. :) Wish I could send bear hugs via the comments here! p.s. Yes indeed – privacy is paramount. Wanted to make sure you & the hubby remain man and wife of mystery. :)

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