As some of you know, in late January we rescued a very sweet & very ill senior dog who had been abandoned in a farm field. We christened him Winston, and he’s living up to his namesake. This dog has pluck.

In addition to dealing with near blindness, deafness, arthritis, hypothyroidism, severe anemia and a hemolytic crisis, Winnie is also fighting a nasty case of heart worms. Despite all of this, he remains an incredibly loving and wonderful companion so he’s been helping out sleeping at the studio with us each day. We love looking after him.

After two months of awesome veterinarian care (shout out to Dr. Mike!) Winston is finally ready to fight his biggest battle yet. Monday morning, he’ll receive the first of two heart-worm-destroying Immiticide injections. Assuming all goes well, he will be confined & monitored for around two months, so that we can prevent and/or quickly treat any embolisms that result from the worms’ deaths. This means that Winnie is essentially under house arrest for the foreseeable future. Because yours truly will be his nurse, I want to let y’all know about a few changes in our schedule for the next few weeks.

Current Clients: Design & production of your order will continue on schedule, from my home office. C’est si bon.

Communication: Barring any emergencies, I will be available via email and Google chat, Monday thru Friday, from noon – 5pm, CST. Status updates will be shared via Twitter, so if you’d like to stay in the know, please follow @MagpiePaper here. Plus, we’d love to say hello.

Samples & Product Orders: Any samples or products ordered from our shop will ship on Mondays only. If you need your items for an upcoming event, please plan accordingly. If you have any questions about scheduling, I would be glad to help you determine whether we’ll be able to ship your items in time before you place your order.You can email me here.

Font Orders: We’ve got you covered. Your download link(s) will be provided immediately after your font purchase, just like normal.

With lots of love & prayers, Winston should be up and at ’em soon and it’ll be back to business as usual. Many thanks, Lovelies, for your understanding. Winnie sends puppy kisses!


  1. says

    Oh poor little Winnie! I hope it all goes well! You guys are amazing for taking such good care of him. Best of luck! Will be sending out some prayers and thoughts for him. :)

  2. Marcelo says

    Very, very nice! I´m happy to know that Winston are in so good hands! God bless all of you! Regards from Brasil :)

  3. jody says

    I just love this story! I think you guys are wonderful to take that pretty pooch in! Winston is gorgeous!!

    Prayers that you kill all those nasty worms!

  4. says

    It makes me tear up to see and hear that people abandon sweet little creatures like this, but even more so when other people, like you, give abandoned animals loving homes. We rescued a little terrier after she was dumped on our land. She is the sweetest, best dog, and I know you probably feel the same way about little Winston.

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