Root-tooty-toot (that is my terrible trumpet impression) our brand-spankin’ new, debut font collection is live!!!  Let me introduce you to a few of my lovely friends:

There’s more where these came from in our shop and over at MyFonts too. Go check ’em out – we promise they’ll knock your socks off!

Each font is the result of months and months of calligraphy, digitization, Opentype feature-building and coding. For somebody who started with lots of calligraphy experience but only the faintest idea of Opentype code, creating these lovelies was quite a learning experience. While it was a little crazy at times (one teeny-tiny typo breaking 4 days of coding!) Opentype was the only way to go. It really frees up the truly “hand-made” qualities of inked lettering. With a little ingenuity and a bit of time, you can build random letter substitutions, connecting characters, and contextual alternates just to name a few. This means that when you’re using the font, the software can automatically “draw”. It can connect two t’s, for example, or add a swirl to a capital letter but not a lowercase letter. It can turn prepositions into pretty word art, or join two cursive letters in just the right place. I tried to incorporate as many of these features as I could into each font – particularly Saissant, Vermandois and Cerise. Because extras are fun!

Later this week I will be sharing a fun, font-inspired freebie + great wedding tutorial that you’re going to want to see. So. Much. Pretty.

Hope you enjoy!


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    Oh Jess, these are simply stunning! I was part of your test group and I completely forgot to get back to you with feedback but they are wonderful! I see you’ve added a few. I think my new favouite is Cerise!! Beautiful job. Have already added them into my wishlist album on MyFonts haha. My birthday is coming up … 😛

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