candy cane striped flower in a vase on a windowsill

pink and white striped flower in windowsill

flower in a vase in a windowsill

I am admiring this pretty flower on my windowsill while I work on a custom set of invitations.

She was knocked off one of our tree peonies in the wind yesterday, so I brought her inside and gave her some water to drink – and in return, she’s making my workroom smell oh so sweet!


  1. Jess says

    Thanks Lauren! I’m a sucker for anything pink + teal – if I had my way, the entire house would look like a candy factory. :-)

  2. Jess says

    Thank you, Robin! Isn’t it lovely? They smell really good too – a bit like magnolias I think. The striped variety is a tree peony called ‘Dao Jin’.

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