We love how Steve & Amanda, one of our crafty couples, are turning their invitation packaging materials into wedding cuteness! Each stationery order we ship is wrapped in un-dyed cotton twine and nestled amongst recycled kraft paper krinkles – when these sweet lovebirds opened their package, they saw more than function – they saw opportunity!

Says Amanda: I’ve saved and reused as much as I possibly could – the mason jars will be used to hold flowers/hydrangeas on the bridal party table. We also used the kraft paper stuffing to put in the bottom of guest baskets and a bigger basket we’ll have to hold flip-flops for guests to wear (when their dogs start barking on the dance floor).

How thoughtful is that?! I’ve been sworn to secrecy when it comes to all of the other sparkling details but y’all, trust me – these two are super talented, crazy in love, and also throwing one terrific celebration.

It’s always a pleasure to see couples thinking out of the box (no pun intended) when it comes to decor. We’re tickled that our packaging is living on in such a delightful way. Many thanks to Steve and Amanda for lifting the curtain and letting us peek into their pre-wedding craftiness!

Steve & Amanda ordered our Faux Bois Invitations, custom save-the-date cards, and a stamping kit that included the cute heart & arrow monogram stamp you see above.

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